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Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant Supplies

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Restaurant Supplies

Windsor Metal Silverware (1 Dozen)
Forks, Soup Spoons, Ice Tea Spoons, Knives

Wood Handle Steak Knife (1 Dozen)

Available in 12" and 16" and 12" Sissor Tong

Metal Ladles
Available in 2oz and 4oz

Steak Turner
Available in 8"x3" and 8"x4"

Metal Mixing Bowls
Available in 8qt and 13qt

Food Container w/ Lid - Clear or White
Available in 4qt and 18qt

French Whisk
Available in 16" and 24"

Clear Squeeze Bottles
Available in 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 32oz

Metal Seasoning Shaker

1/2 Metal Pan and Lid

1/3 Metal Pan and Lid

Toothpick Dispenser

Salt and Pepper Shakers

6.25" Fine Strainer

14" Rubber Blade Spatula

10x6.5x3" Woven Oval Basket - Natural

32oz Spray Bottle

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