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Vaulted Oak Brewing took up shop in what was once a BB&T bank and kept a lot of the elements, including the pneumatic tubes formerly used by drive-up customers. 

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Owner of the successful Charlotte, N.C. restaurant group, Stomp, Chomp & Roll, Will Bigham grew up in the franchise biz. His dad started off as a furniture salesman, but in an effort to move back to the south, he looked into franchising a Burger King. He started with a location in Albemarle, NC (our neck of the woods) and has expanded to 20+ locations since. Will’s childhood was in these Burger Kings, helping clean the drive-through as a kid and eventually working the window. “It’s a lot of getting your hands dirty – people don’t see a lot of the hard work that goes into it.” There was just something about the restaurant business that resonated with Bigham. He enrolled at Johnson & Wales and began his own journey in the industry. Working in popular Charlotte, N.C., and New Jersey restaurants, showing up early to learn how to bake the dishes he served. Bigham learned the ropes of business ownership by opening a dessert business with a pastry chef partner. “I’m an everyday learner so I’m just learning all the time.” But two big lessons of the biz: Patience & Hustling. And learning how to be solution-focused without blame. While operating the dessert business he opened Mama Fu’s fast-casual Asian restaurant, which he eventually flipped to what is now the Improper Pig barbecue joint. Then launched the popular breakfast spot, Flying Biscuit, and the Pizza Peel. Fun fact: his crust recipe was inspired by a delicious slice he had at Shakori Hills Music Festival and advice from “American Pie” author, Peter Reinhart. “I’m into the process of food,” says Bigham about finding joy in creating something people truly savor. With so many franchises, he’s learned a thing or two about locations. “I think you can build a business anywhere but the location is huge. But you can build a successful rest anywhere by taking care of people.” Bigham’s lunchtime orders at his Stomp, Chomp & Roll’s Restaurants: Pizza Peel – Godfather Pizza, Kitchen Sink Burrito Improper Pig – No Pig Sandwich, and his random mix of putting slaw on the black-eyed pea salsa Flying Biscuit – Black Bean Cakes & Creamy Dream Grits His tip for young entrepreneurs? Before you launch a business, work for one that’s similar to see if you like it. And be open to everything that’s coming your way.

“It’s a lot of getting your hands dirty – people don’t see a lot of the hard work that goes into it.”

– Will Bigham, Stomp, Chomp & Roll

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