5 Things Restaurants Forget To Order

If anyone knows how anticipating your supply needs as a restaurant owner or manger is a juggling act, it’s us! From ensuring there’s enough ingredients for the chef’s specials to stocking up on napkins for busy evenings, there’s are so many items to take stock of and predict how much you’re going to need on a weekly basis. However, even the most meticulous restaurant managers can overlook some crucial essentials in their orders. Here are five items that are notice are commonly forgotten:


1. Catering Supplies
Whether it’s catering trays, chafing fuel, or serving utensils, restaurants often overlook stocking up on catering essentials. With the increasing demand for catering services, ensuring you have an ample supply of these items is vital for seamless event execution and customer satisfaction.

2. Mop Heads
While cleanliness is crucial in any dining establishment, the importance of fresh mop heads is sometimes overlooked. Regularly replacing mop heads ensures effective cleaning and sanitation, maintaining a pristine environment for both staff and customers.

3. Gloves
We are hyper aware of germs and hygiene than ever before so we know gloves are indispensable for food handling and preparation. However, restaurants often forget to order an adequate supply, leading to potential safety concerns and compliance issues. Keeping a sufficient stock of gloves is essential for maintaining hygiene standards and protecting staff and customers alike.

4. To-Go Bags
With the growing popularity of takeout and delivery services, to-go bags are in constant demand. Yet, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to underestimate the quantity needed or forget to reorder them altogether. Running out of to-go bags can disrupt service and leave customers dissatisfied. Ensuring a steady supply of these bags is crucial for accommodating the increasing demand for off-premise dining.


5. Plastic Cutlery
Whether for takeout orders or outdoor dining setups, plastic cutlery is often an afterthought for restaurant managers. However, overlooking this essential item can inconvenience customers and tarnish their dining experience. Having an ample supply of plastic cutlery on hand ensures smooth operations and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

In the fast-paced world of restaurant management, overlooking essential items in orders can happen to even the most organized establishments. By staying vigilant and prioritizing these often forgotten items, restaurants can ensure seamless operations, uphold hygiene standards, and deliver exceptional service to their patrons. Some of the busiest times of the year are coming up soon! Don’t forget to order all the supplies you need from APS. Contact us now to place an order or call (704) 550-5676!