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Supply Chain Shortage Update: Spring 2022

  CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While things are improving, the restaurant industry is not out of the weeds yet when it comes to product shortages. What Albemarle Paper Supply is seeing this Spring 2022: Raw materials – The supply level is improving but there are still some shortages in raw materials it takes to manufacture the

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S2E18 | Magnolia Coffee Co’s Ben Alleman

“I realized that I could change somebody’s day because I’m the first person they’re speaking to, most likely.” Magnolia Coffee Co Production Manager, Ben Alleman, got into the coffee scene because he wanted a change from the restaurant industry. He quickly fell in love with what he calls the ‘counter-culture.’

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S2E15 | Stomp, Chomp & Roll Restaurant Group

Stomp, Chomp & Roll Restaurant Group owner, Will Bigham, describes himself as ‘always learning,’ which is probably why he’s seen success operating a wide variety of restaurants ranging from a dessert business to fast-casual Asian cuisine, and now the popular Charlotte, NC brands Improper Pig, Flying Biscuit, and Pizza Peel.

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S2E1 | Honey Tree Farms Casey Ostwinch

Casey Ostwinch began landscaping at age 16 and immediately discovered one important thing: He sure preferred the fresh air to work indoors. Fast forward and he and his wife, Tori, are now living off their land, Honey Tree Farm, and selling produce to local restaurants and markets.

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S1E30 | Pinky’s Westside Grill Owner Greg Auten

Pinky’s Westside Grill was serving up a mean meal long before Guy Fieri and the Food Network visited. We’re chatting with owner, Greg Auten, whose long history in the restaurant scene has taken him from a hot dog cart to working with another Charlotte, NC iconic diner, the Penguin.

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S1E27 | Chef Sam Diminich

Chef Sam Diminich has beaten Bobby Flay, and now he’s found a way to thrive AND help others amidst the massive strain COVID has placed on the restaurant industry. His story of resilience in creating Your Farms Your Table, his local meal delivery service that is championing our regional farmers.

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S1E25 | Chef Mark Allison

Chef Mark Allison has traveled the world teaching his culinary skills. He was the Dean of Students at Johnson & Wales and currently works at Cabarrus Health Alliance as their Executive Chef. Learn more about his culinary travels on this episode of Paper Trails.

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S1E22 | Chef Daniel Wheeler

Chef Daniel Wheeler has a knack for creating dishes that are works of art with an edge. His signature style incorporates farm-to-table elements, focusing on sustainability and local food systems.

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S1E16 | The Piraino Family of DePalo Foods

DePalo Foods is a family-owned manufacturer of some of your favorites: calzones, strombolis, dough… ah, comfort food. You see their products in your local grocery store but have you thought about what it takes for each item to get there? Owner, Rico, and his sons Joseph and Philip to talk about continuing the family legacy.

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S1E7 | Sabor Latin Street Grill’s David Lucarelli

“Being able to value employees and have respect, sit down and talk to them one on one and say I understand your struggles and what can we do to be better. That type of servant leadership today is critically important.” Meet David Lucarelli, operating manager of Sabor Latin Street Grill.

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