S2E17 | Lindsay Anvik of Babe & Butcher Charcuterie Boards


EPISODE GUEST: Lindsay Anvik

Through the ebbs and flows of financial crises, pandemics, and life’s hardships, Manolo’s Latin Bakery owner, Manolo Betancur has continued to persist and focus on people first to find business success.

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“I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.” 
Meet the Babe behind Babe & Butcher, Charlotte’s iconic charcuterie board company, Lindsay Anvik. 
Fun fact:  Before the charcuterie biz took off, Lindsay worked with Shady Records at the peak of Eminem & 50 Cent’s careers. 

After years of various jobs, she felt like she wanted to break out of the corporate machine and start her own marketing company.

“I bet on myself,” recalls Anvik on launching her business and landing speaking engagements.  Naturally shy, having never done a speaking engagement before, she told the potential client, “if I get anything less than 5-star reviews I will pay for everyone’s ticket.”  This gamble paid off, snowballing into more engagements and clients.  
The charcuterie board biz was born out of a hobby.  Always a fan of cooking, Anvik’s friends encouraged her to make boards for events.  She first brought them to a charity event and they were a hit.  Her entrepreneur wheels began turning…
Always a marketer, Anvik knew she needed a strong brand, working with her partner to develop the name (she’s the babe, he’s the butcher).  
Initially overwhelmed by 2 boards a day, Babe & Butcher’s skyrocketing popularity has allowed their business to grow to the capability of putting out 150 boards daily.  
Along the way, Anvik learned some important business lessons that she shares;
1) It’s critical to know what you’re weaknesses are
2) Mistakes are important for growth
3) Take the leap – “just do it and learn from it in hindsight”
4) Surround yourself with smart people of different strengths – “you can’t be a one man band and grow”
And one that has been crucial to Babe & Butcher’s success in the age of social media:  people want a visual experience.
“Don’t skimp on packaging – you have to have something that is fun to interact with.”  
And that’s music to our ears.

“I think the company has grown because we’ve worked with other small businesses and helped each other.”

– Lindsay Anvik, Babe & Butcher

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