S1E26 | Triad Foodie Nikki Miller-Ka aka “Nik Snacks”


EPISODE GUEST: Nikki Miller-Ka aka ‘NikSnacks’

“If you’re not on Instagram, I don’t trust you.”  Nikki Miller-Ka , aka ‘Nik Snacks,’ came to speak the truth! We travel to the Triad to dive into the Winston-Salem, NC area food scene with the leading lady of food blogging in their region.  Catch more of her mouth-watering write ups here.

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Nikki Miller-Ka aka NikSnacks is the leading lady of food blogging in the Winston-Salem region! Her goal?  To get everyone to think outside of the box, branch out, and try new, creative things.

Growing up Miller-Ka had wanted to be a journalist but went to school for teaching.  She didn’t truly enjoy the work and decided to make a change.  She enrolled in Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, which she said unlocked a whole new creative side of her brain. 

Still passionate about journalism, she began working at the Greenfield News Record as an editorial assistant.  But one thing was missing — food.  She made the leap to quit her job and start her blog.

In 2014 Miller-Ka turned her blog into her full-time job and it has blossomed into a career. Her blog focuses on the Triad and she wouldn’t have it anywhere else! She has a deep love for Winston-Salem and the restaurants and lifestyle that comprise it.

She became a food editor at TriadcityBeat and now has a weekly column she provides all the food content for.  Miller-Ka’s goal is to share the stories of the people, places, and things that make the Triad area special.

“NikSnacks” has become a multimedia food business wherein Miller-Ka develops recipes, writes articles, and promotes brands.  And she’s always happy to give tips to anyone interested in knowing the method behind her magic.  

Her advice?  Just start.  Start whatever inkling of any idea you have because you never know what will happen.  And if you never ask, the answer will always be “No.”  Learn through trial and error and scheduling posts and articles to help balance your life.

She also suggests starting on Instagram because as she quips, “If you’re not on Instagram, I don’t trust you.” 

Social media is just that — social.  Reach out to those in the community and in engage with everyone.

“If you’re not on Instagram, I don’t trust you.”

– Nikki Miller-Ka

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