CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Have you noticed different take-out boxes at your favorite restaurant recently?  There’s a more likely reason than management just decided to switch up the products.

As temperatures dip and people turn to take-out versus dining-out, Albemarle Paper Supply (APS) co-owner, Nick Kalogeromitros, shares an update on what he’s seeing when it comes to product shortages.

Imported Products

There are a lot of products not made in the US that suppliers are feeling a lag on receiving.  “We haven’t had straws in a couple of months now,” says Kalogeromitros.  Also listing gloves and plastic cutlery amongst those in short supply.

Raw Materials

Product manufacturers are having trouble receiving the raw materials needed to produce.  APS uses an aluminums, waxed, and deli paper supplier out of Chicago that manufactures products and they are having to short orders due to lack of raw materials.  

“Just this week we had a shipment and half the order did not get fulfilled because of raw materials issue,” says Kalogeromitros.  

Labor Shortages

And just like the restaurants they supply, the manufacturers are struggling to find staff.  Lack of employees to operate the machinery that makes paper products is also causing shortages for supplies including styrofoam and soup cups. 

As restaurants continue to struggle with the aftermath of the pandemic closures, keep in mind that the shortages reach far beyond lack of staff and pack your patience this holiday dining season.